Kayak Titusville Florida’s Fox Lake

Fox Lake is a little known, but beautiful kayaking spot accessible from the boat ramp at Fox Lake Park in Titusville Florida. Except for the park, the shoreline the lake is undeveloped and bordered along the western edge by the Fox Lake Sanctuary, a recent 2,500 acre purchase by the Brevard county Environmentally Endangered lands program.

From the boat ramp, paddling north along the western edge takes you a small creek the extends a few hundred yards back into the wetlands, and opens into a little pond. Expect to see a variety of wading birds such as egrets and herons, as well as some ducks, cormorants and other species. If you paddle from the boat ramp due north to the opposite shoreline, then follow that shoreline to the east you will find yourself rounding a point and heading North once again. Scan the trees for kingfishers, anihingas spreading their wings to dry, Raptors high up in the trees, and much more. Sightings of alligators and otters are always a possibility. Soon you will reach a channel through the emergent aquatic vegetation and then a canal of about one mile in length leading to South Lake.

South Lake is a somewhat larger lake and can get choppy in windy conditions, so take care and choose your day wisely, but by paddleling along the Western shoreline you will come to the mouth of another creek. Enter this creek and follow it to the west southwest. You may see two other channels leading off to the right if they are not too weedchoked, but stay to the left following this creek and you will come to another small lake. The southern end of this lake is dominated by a mound. Called a midden, this mound is actually comprised of mussel shells and other debris discarded by the previous inhabitants of the area, the Ais Indians which died out shortly after initial contact with European culture.

You are also now within the Fox lake Sanctuary and have just paddled the sanctuary’s designated paddling trail. Land access from Fox Lake Park is currently under develop and upon opening in April of 2013, Fox Lake Sanctuary will have 7 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails with signage leading the way. The Sanctuary is contiguous with other conservation lands and is home to white tail deer, wild hog, wild turkey, Florida scrub jays, wood storks, sand hill cranes, and many other species. Florida black bear have been photographed by remote, motion sensitive cameras.

The only launch site is Fox Lake Park and all watercraft must be launched from the boat ramp. To get there from Interstate 95, take exit 215 and head east on State Road 50 for about 0.3 miles. Turn left at the stop light onto SR-405 (South Street). Drive north for about 2.2 miles until you reach the intersection of Fox Lake Road. Turn left (west) and follow Fox Lake Road until it ends at the park.

Visit Boca Raton Florida

The city of Boca Raton, Florida, with it's more than five miles of publicly owned beachfront property and it's approximately 1,080 acres of parks is situated in Palm Beach County, almost midway between the cities of Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

Stay at the famous Boca Raton Resort And Club, 501 E. Camino Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432, (561) 447-3000, with it's five distinct styles of deluxe guestrooms and suites, The Cloister which is the most classic of the Resort's five accommodation choices, the Tower which is a dramatic contrast, the Boca Beach Club, the Yacht Club and the Boca Bungalows. The Boca Raton Resort & Club offers its guests an unmatched variety of sports and leisure activities, all of which can be found on the Resort's 356-acre property. If that is too much for you, try the Marriott Boca Raton at Boca Center, 5150 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton, Fl. 33486, (561) 392-4600, with it's marble bathrooms, rainfall showers, solid walnut highlights, and deluxe aromatherapy amenities, or the Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel, 2000 NW 19th Street, Boca Raton, Fl. 33431, (561) 368-5252, with it's Mediterranean ambience, tropical pool and lush grounds or any one of a number of other excellent hotels in the city.

Play golf at the Boca Raton Resort And Club Resort Course on the Resort grounds, a 6,253 yard par 71 course highlighted with a variety of elevation changes and 12 surface acres of water including a signature water feature designed by Hugh Hughes, or the Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course, Golf Course Road, (561) 483-6317 with it's 18-hole regulation, 6,115-yard, par-72 course, nine-hole, 1,877-yard, par-30 executive course, driving range and putting green, or at the Red Reef Executive Golf Course, 1111 N. Ocean Blvd., (561) 391-5014, with it's nine-hole, 1,628-yard, par-32 course on the ocean, or at the Southwinds County Golf Course, 9557 Lyons Road, (561) 483-1305, with it's 18-hole, 72-par course.

Check out the Royal Palm Polo Sports Complex, 18000 Jog Road, Boca Raton, Fl., (561) 994-1876, the oldest existing club in South Florida, Boca Raton's Royal Palm Polo Club is known as the sport's winter capital.

Go shopping at the Town Center Mall, 6000 Glades Rd., Boca Raton 33431, (561) 368-6000, where you will find almost 200 exclusive stores including Bloomingdales, Burdines, Cartier, The Disney Store, Lord & Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue , Nordstrom's and Tiffany's, or try other area centers like the Royal Palm Plaza, Boca Center, Glades Plaza, the Fifth-Avenue Shops, Oaks Plaza, Shops at the Sanctuary, Polo Shops, Del Mar Shopping Village, Garden Shops of Boca, Palms Plaza, Point West Center, Village Pointe, Mission Bay Plaza, Shadowood Square, Boca Lyons Plaza, Somerset Shops, Regency Court, Shops of Boca, Piccadilly Square, VPC Center, Lakeside Center and West Boca Square

Lie on the beach, go swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving, go freshwater or saltwater fishing, dine in one of the many fine restaurants, play tennis, check out Lake Okeechobee, the second-largest freshwater lake in the United States or just lie around your hotel pool and relax. If you get tired of Boca Raton you are right near Palm Beach and you are within just over an hour's drive from Miami Beach and all it has to offer.

For more information about the city of Boca Raton, Florida see: http://bocaratonfl.usacitydirectories.com , a directory of links to the city of Boca Raton, Florida guides and directories listing hotels, restaurants, attorneys, real estate brokers, information , resources, services, things to do, places to go and more.

The Best Day To See Harry Potter World At Universal Studios, Florida

When is the best day to see Harry Potter World at Universal Studios?

It's been proven that the best day to go to the Disney World is Thursday, and my bet is the same is true for the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I'm not sure what the published logic is for Disney World, but here is my conjecture …

First of all, we'll ignore all the locals who can get season passes and go as often and anytime they want … day or night. This leaves the vast majority of visitors who are from out of town. Most travelers vacation a week at a time so they can include both weekends for a 9-day vacation instead of just 5 days. Thus, most traveling vacationers fly on Friday night (not so many) or Saturday (the vast majority).

They may travel on a package deal which is often Saturday to Saturday, but that doesn't really matter much for this discussion. In general, people are too tired from flying or simply don't get in early enough to visit theme parks on Saturday … unless it's the last Saturday of their week and they're flying out on Sunday. At any rate, most people reason “everything” for leisure (restaurants, movies, and of course theme parks) is busiest on the weekends, so “let's go during the week when all the locals are working”.

However, the travelers are only here for a week and the weather can always turn bad, so “we should go as early in the week as possible to make sure we get the best fun done while the weather is good”. Maybe most people aren't this logical, but this is why I booked our trip to Universal Studios for Monday and Tuesday.

So, the end results is the later half of the week tends to get fewer visitors if Universal Studios is the highlight of your trip; for others, Disney may be the highlight, so they go to Universal on Thursday or Friday instead.

At any rate, for any given week, there is probably a fair percentage of locals who take off a nice-weather Friday to use their seasons pass. Thus, Friday probably has more fans in the Harry Potter World than Thursday does. Thus, by my logic, Thursday is probably the best day to reduce time spent in line. But the real question that drives visitors is … “What if it rains on Thursday?”

Top 5 Summer Getaway Destinations of 2017

Summers are considered to be the perfect time in the year to rebound with the people we love and give us ample of opportunity to rejuvenate that old bonding with your circle by either planning out something different on the boring days of summer season or planning a getaway to some of the finest and most desired getaways in the region. If you like traveling and intend to take the opportunity to cash the summer vacations for getting close to the people next to your heart, you shall consider the following places as an option for a fabulous getaway experience with a delightful range of experiences, pocket-friendly holidays and incredible options to rejuvenate that old closeness.

1. Key West, Florida

Summers are the perfect time to go and enjoy some laid-back or adventurous getaways next to the beaches and if you have been thinking to find a place that can offer you all the things above along with fewer crowd and affordable packages, then you should consider visiting Key West in Florida. A small city of the Florida, ideally famous for its striking beaches, captivating boardwalks, incredible sandy shores and delightful nightlife, Key West makes a perfect getaway option as most of the people will be planning to make a stop at Miami. If you like getting drenched in the soothing water against those shining sky, then all you need now is to go for Key West, Florida.

2. San Francisco, California

The charming bayside city of Westcoast, San Francisco doesn't require an introduction to give you some great holiday vibes. An inspiring getaway option, featuring an abundant range of beaches, striking landscapes, incredible pieces of architecture, fantastic nightlife and delightful culture, San Francisco has it all you need on a summer vacation. Regardless of being a prominent getaway option, the city remains quite a fabulous experience for those who love exploring unique sites, calm landmarks and love to take a stroll down the bustling roads filled with high-end brand outlets. So, if you are planning on a getaway that can offer you a big number of variations to indulge in the west coast, then San Francisco is the perfect option for you.

3. Orlando, Florida

The thriving theme park city of Florida, Orlando have never ceased to amaze people regardless of season, festivals or any other condition. With a wonderful array of parks based on themes, adventure, water activities, sports and other, Orlando makes a perfect place without any condition. No matter whether you are planning on a vacation with kids, family, friends, your girlfriend or any other person, this city has it all you need to remain indulged and have a fabulous getaway experience. Explore the delightful markets, incredible restaurants and thriving attractions covering a major part of the city and have an impeccable getaway experience in Florida.

4. Nassau, Bahamas

Those people who are done traveling on domestic routes and thinking to put their visas and passport into a good use, boarding flights to Bahamas will be the most astounding experience especially when the summer season is about to come and give you a spellbinding condition to have a soothing dip in the Caribbean Sea. The capital city of Bahamas, Nassau is among the most visited and desired getaway options in the country, offering a wide array of activities, attributes and features to explore and offer you one of the finest hospitality experiences you can have on destinations on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

If you have been thinking of having a summer vacation that can not only involve just the fun, but also some interactive education, then visiting Boston in Massachusetts is one of the finest options you can get. Featuring an abundant variety of museums and galleries related with science, history, art, culture and more, Boston makes a wonderful place for children as well as elders. Besides, the city has this amazing culture and remarkable coastal stretch which gives it a perfect look and feel of having a great summer holiday. Also, the marketplaces and food joints in the city gives it a remarkable image which is hard to resist. Summer season is also a time when you can easily find an opulent accommodation at lower prices whilst booking of flights to Boston can be easy on pockets.

Places like Yellowstone National Park, beaches of Miami, islands of Honolulu and more are often flocked by the tourists from across the world during the season of summer and give fewer experiences you were intended to have at first place. So, if you like to take the complete advantage of the summer season this year whilst paying less and enjoying more with less crowd and more opportunities, then all you have to do some find of the most amazing off-beat getaway destinations to ensure a thriving and captivating getaway experience whilst saving a fortune by finding some cheap summer attempts .

Five Golf Courses Worth Traveling To

Golf, as we know it, was started in Scotland during the mid-15th century. It is a sport that is filled with history, tradition, and legends. It wasn't until the late 18th century that golf made its way over to America. If you're a fan of the sport, traveling to golf courses can be an exciting way to see the world. Here's a list of five golf courses that every golfer should visit.

1. St. Andrews, Old Course

No list of golf destinations would be complete without talking about St. Andrew's course. It's one of the oldest golf courses in the world and is often called the “Home of Golf.” It's located in Fife, Scotland. You'll get the chance to soak in the history of golf while digging around for your ball in the Scottish heather.

2. Pebble Beach Golf Links

When you're done relaxing at their world-class spa, take a swing on the rocky California cliffs at Pebble Beach. They've hosted the US Open five times. Take a swing on the same course played on by great golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Graeme McDowell.

3. Osaka Golf Club

Located about an hour north of Osaka, Japan, this course is nestled among the striking cliffs of Osaka Bay. It was established in 1937, when the influence of Western culture was spreading through Japan. The course was closed and confiscated by the Allies during WWII. It wasn't until 1953 that the course re-opened.

4. Royal West Norfolk Golf Club

Located in Norfolk, England, this club was established in 1892. The course was built on a series of narrow strips of land between Brancaster Bay and salt marshes. Be sure to check the tides before you play! During high tides, the course turns into an island. If you're not up for the adventure of golfing on a half-flooded course, have a drink and a snack at their Victorian clubhouse.

5. Princeville at Hanalei

If you're looking to play a round of golf on one of the most beautiful golf courses in the world, this is your place. The Princeville course is located on the scenic Hawaiian island of Kauai. You'll be surrounded by lush green mountains and the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, as you make your way down the steep slopes of this challenging course.

Next time you're planning a vacation, consider touring one of these amazing golf courses. Maybe swing by the Princeville course on your way back from Osaka. It's sure to be the trip of a lifetime for any dedicated fan of the sport.

Celebrity Grape-Stomping In Florida's Capitol City

Imagine experiencing a beautiful, warm evening strolling under a star-studded sky as you sample fine wine and exquisite culinary creations, try your luck at an auction and dance the night away in a wonderful festival setting. All of this and so much more will be part of this year festivities planned for the Fifth Annual Florida Wine Festival in Tallahassee, Florida.

This annual rite of spring is a three-day festival that benefits The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science. Mary Brogan was the beloved-late wife of The Honorable Frank Brogan. She lost a long battle with breast cancer in 1999, during her husband's first year as Florida's Lieutenant Governor. Her spirit and good works live on through the Brogan Museum. Frank Brogan later moved further south and accepted a position as the president of Florida Atlantic University.

This year The Florida Wine Festival welcomes the Honorable and Handsome New Florida Governor, Charlie Crist as it's Honorary Chair for 2007.

But beyond the pomp and circumstance of this noble benefit, perhaps the part that I find most intriguing is the grape-stomping that is scheduled as a kick-off on the final day of the festival.

Grape-stomping in Tallahassee? Who would have ever thought Kleman Plaza would be the setting for a celebrity grape-stomping competition? I wonder if Florida's new governor will join in this fun foot-stomping event. This would make for some great photo opportunities.

I generally try to avoid crowds, but I must admit, this is one Tallahassee event that has stirred my imagination with its creative planning, dynamic schedule of activities and fairly inclusive community-wide nature.

If you are looking for a great weekend adventure, in my humble opinion, springtime is the most spectacular time of year to visit Florida's beautiful capitol city and with the combination of fabulous food, exquisite wines and the opportunity to support a worth-while cause. .. how could you miss? If you travel from afar, don't forget to sample some of the other great sites this area has to offer, too. This part of the world is steeped in historical significance.

The Florida Wine Festival will be held April 12-14, 2007. More details can be read at The Florida Wine Festival's website.

(c) Kathi Dameron, Kathi Dameron and Associates

St. Augustine Tours – History, Ghosts, and Gators

When you venture off for a St. Augustine vacation it will be apparent that St. Augustine tours are a great way to be efficient in you exploration of the ancient city. Dating back over 500 years the historical experience is unequaled in North America, indeed the oldest North American settlement, St. Augustine tours have all the usual Florida expectations. You are going to find gators, nightlife, and the Beach, a vast beach of white sand. However, this city has more than the usual Florida experience.

The alligator exhibit in the ancient city dates to 1893 and is a comprehensive alligator experience. Feeding, wrestling, and everything one might expect in a gator show, but it has developed through the years as no other in the Sunshine State. Boasting home to a 36-year-old, 15 foot, 1,250-pound Crocodile from Australia you will find the alligators of St. Augustine are the epitome of Florida exhilaration.

One excellent way to enjoy the tours is with the trolley that runs through the city. A hop on hop off experience, you can travel the city and frequent shopping or touring at any of the 20+ stops throughout the city. Museums, pubs, dining locations, and ancient ruins are all found along the well-designed route of the city trolley. Efficient exploration and affordable transportation make this a wonderful way of enjoying a complete vacation.

The oldest city in America has been home to countless battles through the centuries. The local beach has been stained red countless times by more nations, including Native American than perhaps any other beach upon the Earth. First explored by the Spanish in search of the Fountain of Youth and then settled by the French only to be recaptured and then suffer another invasion during the Napoleonic era, along the way the fort and inlet were given the name Matanzas, Spanish for “massacre” as a testament to the bloody battles. Pirates and ruthless commanders left their mark on the land named, massacre.

Considering the battles it is easy to understand the tales of ghosts that are so frequent in the city. Restless spirits are rumored to inhabit many locations throughout the city, even one pub in town is said to house a few restless souls. Many tours are available to guide one through the ghostly adventures of mention with complete safety, as the tour guides know the poltergeists personally.

The Fountain of Youth is there, of course. Ponce De Leon thought he might live forever and today the same location as originally established is there to visit. Every method of transportation I have mentioned will get you to the ancient destination. Who knows, perhaps you will visit and recapture a few years in the process!

St. Augustine tours are wonderful experiences and the St. Augustine ambiance is unequaled in the new world. Your St. Augustine vacation can experience the full Florida experience with a unique old world flavor. Ancient ports, battlegrounds, and ghosts, what more can a family expect during a Florida vacation.

Holiday Villa – Orlando Florida

Want to get some vacation good feeling rush? Then settle for a Holiday villa while in Orlando Florida and get the best vacation ever!

Every person dreams of spending some quality time alone or with a group of people either his family or friends. A person who has spent months working would definitely need some time off to enjoy some fresh air and a little sunshine somewhere else than his workplace.

A holiday villa somewhere in Orlando Florida may just be the answer to this long time wish of relaxing and just wallowing in the blue waters. A person could not spend all his time working without spending some time for vacation because he would ultimately reach that point when he becomes bored and tired of his work.

Spending time in a holiday villa anywhere in Orlando Florida will allow a person to refresh his mind and recharge. Nothing beats a short vacation to rekindle that old feeling and that passion for work. When a person has been exposed to hotels and commercial life then he would definitely say not to hotels when on a vacation.

Choosing a holiday villa in Orlando Florida will make the vacation worthwhile and more cost effective. There are a lot of reasons why a person should decide against staying in a hotel and spend his time in a holiday villa in Orlando Florida and on top of that is fresh air.

No one can get fresh air in one of the three or five star hotels in Orlando Florida. Better check out real estate agencies that offer various holiday villas in Orlando Florida for a reasonable price. Spending a week or more in a holiday villa in Orlando Florida can do wonders not only for the skin but also for the mind.

Holiday villas in Orlando Florida cater to singles or even to families or group of people. A person who wants to spend his vacation alone can choose a holiday villa in Orlando Florida that is fully furnished so it will be like staying in his own home while on vacation. He can cook his own food or do his own laundry for a while and then eat out if he gets tired of his own company.

Most people who go on a group vacation prefer to stay in holiday villas in Orlando Florida because it allows them to have a good time at a reasonable cost. Renting these holiday villas in Orlando Florida gives them more space if there are children and offers them home facilities that are not available in most hotels.

Some of the holiday villas in Orlando Florida offer kitchen facilities that allow the group to pick fresh fish or seafood from a local market and then cook it the way they want. They can enjoy quality time together in another environment without having to spend more eating outside.
Holiday villas in Orlando Florida also provide washing machines and dryers which will help the family do their own laundry. It is a common knowledge that having the laundry done commercially while on a vacation can be expensive and the family can save a lot if they are able to do their own laundry right in the privacy of their own homes.

There are a lot of attraction is Orlando Florida and visit to this place would not be worth it if the person only spends a day or two in the area. On the other hand spending a week or more can be very expensive and impractical.

The best choice really for a person who wants to spend a reasonable amount of time in the area is to look for holiday villas in Orlando Florida. He can do this before he goes to the area just by doing Internet research and finding holiday villas that are available for rent.

Find the holiday villas that are located near the theme parks and other places to visit. Create a journey planner and make sure the holiday villa is right in the middle of the places where the person wants to go.

Orlando Florida is the place to be especially for those who want quality vacation time. Why stay in a hotel, spend more money and allow more pressure to build up when there is an option for a holiday villa while in Orlando Florida?

Benefits of Traveling Miami to Orlando by Shuttle Transportation

Orlando is the home of many fun theme parks including, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Disney World, Universal city walk, Disney downtown, restaurants, shopping and much more… If you have children, it is a perfect destination it is so much fun and enjoyable; and only a few hours from Miami.

Arriving to Orlando Shuttle Transportation

Pros: Quick; You can travel on your own schedule, no need to worry about being too tired from driving to enjoy your vacations, no need to worry about paying high gas prices and tolls; or even put mileage on your vehicle. Also, is very affordable and reliable.

If you prefer not to drive, there are several shuttles that provide transportation for as low as $20 per person. Here are a few shuttle institutions providing this service:

Florida Shuttle Transportation, Florida Sunshine Transportation and more…

These companies also offer private transportation that service the major destinations in the Florida area. With these you will be able to travel on your own schedule and without sharing the shuttle with other people, just your group.

Orlando is located about 232 miles north of Miami. It takes about 4 hours to get there by car.

One great option to take into consideration as well for your trip is the Go Orlando Card. It provides for you free or discounted admission to over 50 of the most popular attractions, activities, and tours in the city of Orlando.

To learn more about Orlando attractions, visit the About.com Orlando Travel site.

Best Scenic Routes in Florida

Florida is one of the few states in America that offers many exhilarating scenic views for road tourists. If you plan to witness the wonders of the Sunshine State while in transit, be sure to read on below for some of the best routes to follow. Depending on your travel direction, you will surely find the quick rundown of attractive sites below very helpful if you do not know where to start.

From Jacksonville to St. Augustine

If you want to smell the Atlantic air, leave Jacksonville north through I-95 to A1A. This will bring you Fernandina Beach. This beautiful city will let you experience the beauty of the Atlantic all the way.

Another good place to stop by is Fort Clinch State Park. This is a favorite camping ground for tourists and locals alike.

Going south on A1A will bring you to Amelia Island, where you will find many inexpensive motels along the road. There are also few excellent hotels such as the Amelia Island Plantation or the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. The Amelia Island Beach is a favorite destination spot for many tourists in Florida.

From St. Augustine to Daytona Beach

Being one of the oldest cities in the US, St. Augustine offers many terrific sites to visit and is, in fact, a favorite vacation destination for many Americans. Some of the famous spots in this old city include the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, Lightner Museum, the Spanish Quarter, and the Lighthouse Museum of St. Augustine. If part of the trip includes gastronomy destinations, you will also find St. Augustine with lots of good restaurants.

There are also several picturesque state parks and fine beaches as you continue south to Daytona.

From Titusville to Melbourne

Beyond Daytona also lies another great city, Titusville. This historic city is best known for the iconic Kennedy Space Center and Canaveral National Seashore. Both of these sites can be very time consuming so you will want to spend a day in here alone to enjoy.

Going to Melbourne means visiting the Brevard Zoo and the Florida Tech botanical garden where you will find rare and exotic palms. You can also spend the night either in Wickam Park or Long Point. These places are great camping sites in the area.

From Miami to Naples through I-75

One of the liveliest places on earth, Miami is the best way to start your exploration of the Everglades National Park, the only subtropical park in North America. Going to Naples from Miami along US41 is both fun and adventure as you pass by several native Indian reservations and a couple of interesting parks.

These sites mentioned are just some of the many amazing places to drop in Florida. Since the state guarantees almost yearlong sunshine, you can come anytime without considering the time of the year.