Saint Lucia Real Estate: has 3 favorite apartments in Saint Lucia!

The explosion of colors and music of the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival brings a new rhythm to the Saint Lucia real estate market. With visitors looking for apartments for Jazz, many people ask me, what are the best apartments in Saint Lucia? It’s a tricky question, but I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite 3. But be warned, these apartments aren’t for the faint of heart. They can just knock you off your feet!

Great view of Cap Estate!

No need for a TV with a view like from this first apartment! I can sit on the balcony and watch it all day! Located in the Golf Park Cap Estate, the apartment has a wide view of the northwest coast. Pythons, the island’s most prominent national attractions, can be seen towering over the tops of other mountains. This is very impressive considering that the Pythons are located in the town of Soufriere, at least 20 miles south of Cap Estate. The apartment also overlooks Pigeon Island, which is the main venue for the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival.

Marisula cottage on the beach

My next choice is a charming cottage in Marisula. One of my favorite things about the apartment is its location, a short walk from Calabash Cove Beach. 5 minutes after leaving the front door you can plunge into the radiant Caribbean Sea! The cottage is also built with nature in mind. It is located in the heart of a lush and picturesque tropical garden that provides both privacy and beauty. My favorite feature of the cottage is the retractable front wall that reclines to make the living room and balcony one solid space. With a detached wall and a cottage open to the breeze and sea views, this is the perfect place to relax after a jazz day!

Apartment on the promenade Vigi

My favorite apartment in St. Lucia is in Vigi – a historic peninsula with fortresses that guards the entrance to Castra Harbor. I love this apartment because it offers so many ways to get wet! The apartment is located on the waterfront, where you can go down the stairs to a secluded pebble beach. A 10 minute walk from the hotel there is also a white sand beach 4 miles long! Did I mention the pool and whirlpool? They are on the deck near the living room! I kept the best feature at last – unobstructed sea views! Renting this apartment will make you jealous of other hunters for Saint Lucia real estate!

These are just 3 of the many fantastic apartments for rent in Saint Lucia. The island offers many options for beach lovers, nature and music! Even after the curtain closed on the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival, there are countless reasons to enjoy Saint Lucia real estate offers.