Mexico Hotels and Oaxaca Tripadvisor Is Poor in the 2013 Traveler Awards

Whether the American media has found another country to blur when it comes to travel, or whether the Mexican government has finally begun to fight drug wars and masters, Tripadvisor confirms that the 2013 Travelers & Choice Awards are not yet. He received the message that a trip to Mexico City, a resort or beach was a safe bet. In terms of economic life, tourism, especially the capital of Oaxaca de Juarez and the ratings of the two main Pacific coast resorts of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, are only concerned about the lucrative aspect.

Tripadvisor is the most used online online forum for travelers planning to travel abroad to select hotels and other types of accommodation, restaurants, tours and activities. So that means something, when the website's annual ratings are published, though a controversial year can be outdated.

Mexico closed completely for the top 25 hotels in the world category, fourth season in Hualalai, Kailua – Kano, Hawaii. In the top 25 hotels in Mexico, Oaxaca didn't get a place to go to Las Ventanas al Paraiso in San Jose del Cabo.

In the list of the top 25 small hotels in the world, Mexico did not cut the award for Anastasis Apartments in Greece. In the Mexican category, the persona non grata went to the Playa Fiesta Beach Club & Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The bad news for Mexico continues in the top 25 Romantic Hotels in the World. Anastasis Apartments for Greek romance still ranked first, with Paris in both directions as part of non-Mexico. Across the country, Marona Beach Riviera Cancun-winning secrets for zombies for Oaxaca were. At the same time, Oaxaca ranked eighth for Mexico's top 10, but Cancun came first.

Mexico missed another ship for the B & Bs and Inns, though the Oaxacan lodges ranked 13th and 18th across the country. For beach destinations, just one nod to the Acumal of Mexico, ranked first in the Top 25 in the world, along with the 21st place in Sicily's Rabbit Beach Islands. The first place in the country came to Playa el Norte in Isla Mujeres, the Zicatela beach of Picerto Escondido with a silver lining.

The city of Patzcuaro in Mexico ranked 18th in the World's Top 25 Bargain Hotels category for Casa Encantada, and in fact voted for each of the cities of Oaxaca, Mexico's Barat Hot Springs, Huatulco and Oaxaca. .

It may be better to take a little more consumer confidence in the return of vacationers to Mexico, and to pay $ 91 million a year and a half by the Mexican government for half a day spent by the Mexican government. Suppose that the American media continue to focus on their backyard.


How Drug Traffic Statistics in Mexico Globally: Tripadvisor 2014 Travelers & Choice Awards

The strikers are still afraid of Mexican drug wars, cartels and violence, even though we haven't read so much in the media about drug-related deaths, as we said three years ago (of course, except for the last Guerrero). mass killings).

Every year, Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel and tourism site, publishes Travelers' Choice Awards for world, regional and regional tourism benefits. The 2014 award numbers clearly show that holidaymakers are still visiting Mexico, but that they provide comfort, safety and security for resorts all over Mexico and are superior to other places in the world.

Mexico is not ranked in the general category of the best small hotels, best buildings and homes in the world, the best places to climb, favorite restaurants or best places. Isla Mujeres has earned a rating in the World's Best Beaches category, according to the Top 10 of Playa Norte's 25th. Similarly, it has ranked below the Best Hotels in the World, but only for the Regis Punta Mita Resort in Punta de Mita. And, probably at the dollar / peso exchange rate, the Bungalows Hotel (Cabo San Lucas) and Luz en Yucatan (Mérida) placed numbers 21 and 25 for the Bargain Hotel.

But when viewed in the context of Mexico's not being categorized in other categories, yes, it is in the World's Best Internal Resources category, suggesting that the public feared for their safety because of drug abuse in Mexico. , cartels and wars, but vacationers feel safe and secure when staying in a comprehensive resort isolated from daily Mexican life.

In the Top 25 All-Inclusive Resort category in the world, Mexico ranked 11th in the top five of the eight. Here are some of the impressive results:

1) Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso (Playa Paraiso)

3) Favorite Hotel (Playa Mujeres)

5) Perfect Playa Mujeres (Playa Mujeres)

6) Le Blanc Spa Resort (Cancun)

8) Secrets of the Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun (Playa Maroma)

16) Perfect Riviera Cancun (Puerto Morelos)

17) Live Aqua Cancún All Inclusive (Cancún)

19) Club Med Ixtapa Pacific (Ixtapa)

21) Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancún (Puerto Morelos)

22) Cozumel Palace (Cozumel)

25) Sun Palace (Cancun)

Mexico is generally a safe country for the holidays. Stay away from where drug and drug gang violence has been widely documented. Of course, those who have never been here will not agree. Take a look at safe areas, for example Chiapas, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and similar foreign enclaves, Yucatán, Pacific resorts… and yes. In other developing countries, do not be more careful than strike and have a good balance; and enjoy your trip to Mexico if not more than other vacation spots.