Koh Samui Vs Phuket – Facts and Tips

It is acknowledged that Thailand is a fantastic place to follow beach entertainment for travelers around the world. The country provides you with entertaining sports, including idyllic beaches, extraordinary nightlife, some of the best shopping areas in the world and many other fun Thai resorts.
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Koh Samui is a great choice for quiet dancers, relaxing dancers, nightlife and noisy shopping. Located near the Gulf of Thailand between the mainland and Koh Phangan, Koh Samui is a great island where you can make an hourly flight from Bangkok. Koh Samui also offers harmonious beaches, lush palm trees along the coast, and a variety of accommodation for every budget.
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Phuket, slightly larger than Koh Samui, is Thailand’s largest island with a large number of backpackers, party animals and a solar lounge. Phuket has endless entertainment that offers a variety of recreational activities, including a crazy night life in Patong Beach, even a grocery shopping on Muay Thai Street and many other fun activities. Plenty of beautiful hotels are located close to the center of Patong beach, easy access to the sea, many dining places and shops.
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Where to go between Samui and Phuket has been a question among travelers concerned with weather change in both regions. The weather is completely different, but it is likely to be similar in January-April. From May to September, Samui has a drier season than Phuket, and Phuket is more dry than Samui from October to December. However, if you want a vacation without raindrops in June-August, Bali is best suited for you when Thailand has a rainy season.
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Daily spending is another factor that some middle tourists should consider. Due to its geographical features, all goods and products need to arrive by ship or plane, which requires more transportation costs, while Phuket only buys everything in some ways directly related to the mainland, so that the living needs are sold at a low price.
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Flights to Phuket are cheaper than Samui, where the airport is owned by Bangkok Airlines and is higher than other airports in the country. Several airlines operate Phuket, including Thai Nationalways, a Thai national carrier.
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Both have beautiful beaches covered with dusty white sand. Some people make their own decision that the north end of the Chaweng beach on Samui is the best beach in the country.

There is a big difference in living prices between Phuket and Koh Samui, but the latter is less expensive. With Phuket, which has a large number of shopping areas, restaurants and nightclubs, you are likely to spend more money while you’re in Phuket.
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All pages in the book are about Thai dishes, including Samui cuisine on the island. Restaurants such as Garland Samui on Choeng Mon High Avenue are well-respected by restaurant guides and locals for their traditional Thai cuisine that retains the original Thai flavor with hot spices. In addition, the Sala Thai at Bophut Resort & Spa is astonishing, attracting the attention of others.

Never worry about the food you are given. There are wild dishes that you can find and enjoy on the island, Indian cuisine, authentic pizzas with Indian flavor, delicate sushi, as well as English-style breakfasts that make you feel overwhelmed by your culture. Samui received TripAdvisor Travelers Choice awards as a food and wine destination in Asia. A miracle of the future is that this small island is ranked in Samui Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kyoto!

Both Samui and Phuket have many fine diving spots with beautiful scenery. With a larger area and a longer history, Phuket offers more space for entertainment and different classes, and is said to be more suitable for family-friendly vacations.

However, the lack of available water has been a problem for Samuni for a long time. Although some travelers do not see this confusion, it is a problem that must be solved. Despite the rapid development, some areas of both islands are still intact.