The importance of social proof for the hospitality industry

There are about 7 billion individuals in the world today. Every day, more and more of them appear on a digital network, wherever the Internet is. We already love to share our experiences with smartphone penetration, internet access and technology in general, and yes, people are social animals.
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Some time ago marketers realized that word of mouth is one of the best ways to get information about products and services. It is true in this age and age, but it has evolved to keep up with advances in technology. A term that you often hear is a social proof, and in a new, digital avatar, it’s nothing more than mouth.
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For example, after seeing our friends’ meals and travel adventures posted on social media, we were all set to try out a new restaurant or vacation destination. On the same note, we were also pleased to stay at the same hotel as we encountered some bad reviews left by some dissatisfied customers online. Here, my friends, is a 21st-century version of the word literally.
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What is social proof?

People have this deep-rooted instinct to be associated with other people and their activities. Consumer Internet has repeatedly shown that people have full confidence in the opinions and opinions of others when it comes to brands and their services.
Social proof is everywhere. When shopping on Amazon, you tend to review product reviews. If you have enough people in your office to eat, you owe it to yourself to check back sooner. Positive reviews were able to attract the crowd for the most hopeless films, and the lack of feedback has led to the forgotten movie star.
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Simply put, if enough people like it, the product or service should be good

Social proof is a valuable dynamic that is now used by marketers and global companies to influence consumers. Companies include reviews, expressions, ratings, approval stamps, expert reviews, and popular items. and forced to show those who are not on the website. And why? Because we all want to go with what others have said about a particular business, rather than relying on the brand itself.
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The hospitality industry is particularly affected by social evidence. Most people rely on customer feedback and opinions they see on social media. More and more people turn to Travel Advisor and similar sites to read what other customers have to say about a particular hotel. And when the overall perception and feedback is positive, they only book a hotel room.

Types of social proof

In the face of it, social proof can be an event that covers all areas and areas, but can be classified into 5 specific categories.

1. Expert social proof

People rely on influential organizations and influential personalities. Before we believe any claims, we need confidence, and the expert’s social evidence suggests that. You will find as a means to legalize the words of “expert opinion” below the articles giving advice and guidance. Advertisements for toothpaste and toothbrushes are “strengthened” by the leading dentists, and beauty creams generally support skin professionals. When you take your fingers from a well-known critic at a restaurant or hotel, you can be sure that hundreds of people will flock to him.

2. Social proof of celebrities

The name says it all. Celebrities have a serious impact on the population and come with their own legal stamp. If one celebrates a popular hotel, the chances of turning it into the top 10 businesses in the city are high. He said that the social evidence of the most original and true celebrity has not been paid.

3. User Evidence

The user’s social proof can be found in any user-generated content that demonstrates their experiences. This includes success stories, pictures, expressions on social media and reviews on websites. User’s social proof is one of the most effective ways to boost your hotel’s reputation. One of the best examples is Tripadvisor, where millions of users come to see and write reviews and recommendations every month.

4. The wisdom of the crowd

“One million people can’t be wrong” is what most marketers say. And they use transparent numbers to influence potential consumers. Marketing can be subtle or open depending on who is conducting marketing. Take, for example, the leading bloggers who show hits and other numbers on their blogs to create credentials.

5. Wisdom of a friend

The consumer will always rely on the personal experience of a friend more than a stranger. In addition, statistics show that many customers rely heavily on the recommendations of their friends and family. This social proof has the potential to viral growth.

In the face of that, when it comes to collecting social proof for your business, you might think that you have a vast playing field. However, working in an industry may not always meet your needs. Therefore, to find the best fit for your brand, you need to find the perfect concept of different types of social evidence.

Why is social proof necessary?

Creating and highlighting social proof in the hospitality business is important to attract and subsequently attract new customers. There are several reasons why you should work hard to spread the word. Important Reasons to Develop a Marketing Plan around allocating a budget and creating social proof for your hotel

  • You can build trust between your customers with the true feedback flow (most will be positive).
  • Social proof increases your confidence as an enterprise and can help turn an unreliable customer into your favor
  • Online reviews, ratings and expressions are the best form of advertising for your hotel and can compete with the most interesting and expensive marketing campaign you can think of starting.

Social evidence-gathering strategy

As I mentioned earlier, there are different ways to gather social proof, most of which are asking customers to leave feedback and feedback, and to encourage influencers to interact with you on your social media page. These should be part of your online marketing and branding campaign. But I would like to discuss a few other ways to gather social proof for your hotel:


There is a reason why Facebook has increased once it starts supporting GIFs and videos. Visual media has the ability to influence people and can go viral with the slightest push. The video will be greeted with great enthusiasm for your hotel’s presentations, sightseeing in the city, local attractions, and the cuisine at the store for our guests. If you are a well-made creator, you can never expect customers to come to you if you have a creative strip.


They say that one image speaks a thousand words. Extensive research shows that the likelihood of marking is 35% higher than that of articles with pictures. The research also reveals that people are more likely to believe in images-based expressions. So if you want to share customer feedback and expressions the next time, be sure to add a photo for more snapshots.


People are visual beings, and infographics are the best choice when you want to present your information in an interesting way with your text and long paragraphs without boring your audience. Don’t forget to include them in your marketing campaign.

The last words

It is not difficult to gather social evidence, but any strategy is as powerful as its implementation. Give your travelers an open call (CTA) to follow them after using videos, pictures and infographics to make sure your hotel is an excellent choice. Direct them to your website or landing page, and in no uncertain terms tell them what is required.

Don’t leave anything to imagine. Please specify if you would like them to be reviewed. If you would like to order a room from them and get a discount, please specify. The minute you leave without a doubt, the minutes you are likely to be confused and separated. Do not let your work ruin you. If you have developed a marketing plan to collect social evidence very carefully, do not let a vague challenge ruin things for you.

Now tap and use the power of social proof. Get used to talking about your past and present customers and use their goodwill to attract even better visitors!