A really smart way to find the best accommodation anywhere

Historically, as a traveler, vacationer, or tourist, you had a limited number of ways to determine and adjust your location.

First of all you can book your favorite or best known hotel or hotel chain. Depending on your needs and budget, the largest of them generally has at least one property wherever you choose and provides a consistent standard throughout the world or country.

Another option is to contact a travel agent to arrange your travel and accommodation. Typically, the agent will sell a "package vacation" to the striker, or "two competitors" from the GDS ("Global Distribution Systems such as Saber or Galileo") to the business traveler. A little more explanation of the two methods behind the scenes: Package holidays were just a "Group Discount" ticket, known as FIT (Tour entirely included), and the traveler must get a certain number of approved accommodation to get a discounted fare. it was. This hotel is packed by travel wholesalers who negotiate with individual hotels or chains that offer a minimum room / night for a great discount. The disadvantage of these packages is usually that there is no comfort and that the rooms you order are mostly home, which means the hotel can accommodate discounted travelers to stay at night / night. Conversely, when a more expensive booking (in part, according to an agent's commission, which is partly due to the cost of a hotel participating in the GDS) is usually more flexible, the customer can make room choices.

Now, of course, there is the Internet! The whole world is in your hands, so it's easy to find what you want. Is that so? Unlike a phonebook many years ago as directory agents, the internet does not have content or an index, and Google's agenda is not the same as yours. For example, "location (a)" does not normally provide a real hotel property until page 2, 3 or above. Of course, there are excellent sites that offer a dazzling array of hotels in the most popular locations around. The world, therefore, needs to be solved. Nevertheless, many of these sites' suggestions are limited in many ways and can be better regulated by the site's revenue from personal property. , how do you know which one is the best bargain for you? So here's what I suggest:

Take a versatile approach to getting the right property at the best price.

Imagine that you are moving to a new place that you have never been to. Take Busselton, my home in the beautiful Margaret River wine region in southwestern Australia. Where to start?

Firstly visit a site that has all the features (almost) – Unified Hotels (No, I'm not working for them or have no stocks or other interests) Enter your destination and arrival in the light blue search box (date is late) date, number of guests and press the SEARCH key. The first result will show (share) 25 hotels organized in the category "Recommended". You can change this along the top line: Stars; Distance; Price or Guest ratings or Star ratings at the bottom of the page, Price, Places, Hotel Name (if you know it), Property Type and / or Features. Note that you can only change one area at a time. This powerful tool allows you to narrow down the property you are looking for in these variables or all. Once you have selected one, click on the NOW BOOK and you will see a new box showing a number of booking sites and their prices for the property listed at any time. When you click GO, you will actually be moved to the booking site, because Hotels is not just a consolidated booking site, but an excellent directory. But stop! There are a few more checks and research you need to choose before you actually place an order.

Initially merged hotels do not cover all property areas, such as Triple A or Wotif and one of the lower end of many of these major international booking sites, although the cost of living is lower than the first two orders. The methods I mentioned earlier, you can still buy a room with one room or face very limited conditions. You may want to independently check what other travelers have on their property experience. So that:

See Tripadvisor (property search is the fastest way, but you can also search by location) if your property has been valued by former guests and you really want to get into the nitty. gritty, read the property's answers to reviews, if you do not hesitate to do so, you can even join it as a contributor for free and ask one or more reviewers to ask specific questions about their experiences or experiences. property.

By doing this, if you're satisfied with your choice or are designing a new one, then repeat the process with the hotels to find the best offer, here's my recommendation: Search Your Own Website. There are many accommodation features, all booking sites and other sources of visit, such as visit centers, car clubs and more. Makes the right choice, given that overseas booking sources charge commission fees ranging between 10 and 18%, guaranteeing equal or lowest prices. always be offered on their website.

Finally, almost one p.s. as. if you plan to stay longer than two or three nights, especially if you have a low season or mid-week in the holiday area or need only 1 room in the city – Friday nights and / or more; If a small business owner manages a property, try to get in touch with your phone, because you'll talk more often with the owner who wants to negotiate rates, and you'll be better informed about it and the surrounding area. .

If you plan to stay in the area, I hope this method will be useful to you and, of course, even if you hope to have our own property, it is also very convenient to be sure that we have happy guests. those who make the most conscious and informed choices to stay here.

Happy Travel!