Traveling to the French Aged

There is no doubt that France is one of the most attractive destinations in the world. From the beautiful streets of Paris to the green wine country, the snow-covered Alps, Disneyland and much more. France is also an excellent destination for seniors, with great discounts and savings opportunities throughout the country. Here are our top tips for the elderly in France.

Save on train trips. France has one of Europe's most extensive railway networks – you can get anywhere else in the country. SNCF (French State Railway Company) Carte Senior offers a discount of 25-50% on all train flights to people over 60 years, even if booked all year round. The card also offers a 30% discount on rail travel in 22 European countries. Better still, save more if you order and pay for a railway crossing before leaving your homeland.

See all the major museums. Many French museums and monuments will offer up to 40% discount for senior travelers. Some sites start at the age of 65, but always remember to ask when you are over 60 and do not bring your passport or other ID when you ask to confirm your age! The Louvre has a great access from 6am to 6pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. until 9:45 p.m.

Bring a Conversation Book. Most tourist sites, restaurants and hotels around Paris will have an English-speaking delegation, so if you take up more space in France, you may find it a little difficult. With a few key words in French and at least some English knowledge by a local person, you should be able to solve this problem. I lived in regional France for a while and they love Australians. Before saying anything, I'd say in French, "I'm sorry, I'm Australian, I don't speak French." Learn to say it in French – they will love you for it.

Change houses. This may not be too much pressure, but for decades, smart travelers save a lot of money by changing their home from one destination to another. There are 29,000 homes worldwide, including France. You never know if you could end up with a joke in Bordeaux for a song!

Watch the world go away. One of my favorite activities of the French is to sit outside the café and discuss the day's work over coffee. Try it yourself and make sure you get a great taste of the local atmosphere no matter where you go in France. This is one of my favorite activities. Choose a place that is commonly encountered by locals and will not touch one arm or one foot.

Cheap flights around France. Air France offers a 10% discount to older people on domestic flights. The airline also offers a 10% discount to individuals over 62 on international flights – so do not forget to ask when booking.

Stay safe. Recently, users of the popular Tripadvisor website voted as Paris's fifth-most popular pocket-sized city in the world, so take a look at your precious items in the City of Lights – unfortunately I can guarantee this first hand