Puri's Top 10 Hotels – As Customers Vote (2015)

Are you planning to visit Puri soon? Get the best deals by selecting a good hotel in advance.

To make a good choice, you have to go through a few review-based sites, collect feedback from past visitors, compare them and finally get results.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 hotels in Puri, selected by our customers for 2015. Below is a list of the top 10 hotels that understand the advantages and disadvantages of Puri. Most of these Puri hotels can be booked online through all major travel portals such as Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip.

Z Hotel

Z Hotel is one of the top hotels in Purin. A well-known budget category hotel is located on the Chakratirtha Road, making it close to the Jagannath Temple and the beach. There are beautiful and well-equipped rooms with prices starting from Rs. 1500 and overnight.

The main reason for its popularity is that the city of Puri is located far away from the noise, that is, in a quiet place. Tired travelers also have great service and religious cleanliness. are attracted to the hospitality staff. Despite the many advantages, ex-guests still mentioned that they needed to improve their clean environment like mattresses and that they had to deal with pest problems.

Victoria Club Hotel

Victoria Club Hotel is located near the Puri seaside and is one of the few key features that customers love. It is a beautiful and inexpensive hotel with rooms costing Rs. Perfect for travelers with over 700 budgets per night.

According to former customers, the cleanliness and service of the hotel was his highest priority. A key factor that even a customer can make in choosing a cleaner is as noted. The only vacant space in this popular hotel is the deteriorating condition of room repairs and the careless behavior of home workers.

Coco Palms Puri

This is one of the best 3 star luxury hotels in Puri, located near Swargadwar beach. The hotel has several amazing facilities, though your stay here will be over Rs. 4414 in each room.

This is one of the "luxury hotels near the big beach" that customers are constantly looking for. The service and environment here is the best place to confirm this in the comments of several guests. However, the property does not share its problems. The guests noted that one of the disadvantages of the hotel is that there is no need for proper household and maintenance. Some even mentioned that it was too expensive and not a great value for the hotel in Puri.

Mayfair Heritage

Mayfair Heritage, & # 39; Luxury Hotel near the Beach & # 39; one of the types. It is a 4-star property in Puri and its location is Chakratirtha Road. The price for one night room is Rs. 8402

The hotel's nearest beach and easy access to key locations such as the train station makes it a good place to stay. In addition, the guests highly appreciated its service standards and environment. The hotel also offers individual cottages that are a great hit again between couples.

The only dispute of a few old clients is that the property is expensive. availability and excessive prices and a number of technical problems noted by customers.

Hotel Holiday Resort

Hotel Holiday Resort is one of the best mid-budget hotels in Puri, which costs up to Rs. 2491 per room. The hotel is located on the opposite side of the Puri seaside and makes it one of the "warmest features" in Puri. Guests have made the place and prices of the hotel in Puri a great "value for money." Also the restaurant has a special highlight for high quality dining. On the flexible side, there are several guest rooms that are small and below the expectations. will be

Ananya Resorts

Annanya Resorts is located on the VIP road, in the Puri area and is another popular mid-budget hotel with room prices of Rs. 2863. The hotel was praised by its former customers for its great cuisine and cleanliness, which amazes many enthusiasts. The hotel believes that the hotel is worth a lot of money in Puri. The only complaints to visitors are slow room service and no place near the main temple or the beach.

Stone Sands

Located on the Puri-Konark Sea Drive, Toshali Sands is one of the most luxurious resorts in the area. Prices starting from Rs. 2987, the resort promises a wonderful experience with private beach and environments. Guests appreciated his service standards and awesome rooms, but said he was located 8km from Puri. Older clients also value it for money. noted that the hotel was not in need and needed repair in some areas.

Lee Garden Hotel

Lee Garden Hotel is a popular budget hotel located in Puri, on the VIP road. The hotel has beautiful rooms that will cost you up to Rs. 1182 nights to stay. Older guests, well trained & # 39; service staff praised the food in Chungwa (an in-house restaurant) for being a budget-friendly hotel with all the necessary amenities. The beach is almost 3.5 km away and the Jagannath Temple is the only stroke as it is 1 km away.

Puri Gold Sands

Puri Golden Sands Hotel is located in Baliapan, Puri and is a popular mid-size hotel. Room prices start at Rs. There are 2614 and well-appointed rooms. The hotel was praised for its great service and was praised for its special praise by former customers. Customers who think that a balanced deal has been reached in Puri have praised it for its value as a resort.

Located approximately 9 km from the main beach in Puri, the hotel's biggest drawback is its location. On the flipside, there is a secluded beach opposite the property. Customers also noted that his rooms needed repairs.

Hotel Gandhara

Hotel Gandhara is a beautiful 2 star mid-budget hotel in Puri located on Chakratirtha Road. The hotel has beautiful rooms with costs starting from Rs. Night 3170. The guests praised her for her cleanliness and the exact opposite of the main beach. Although this is another hotel with "value for money", former guests also want to highlight their shortcomings and pre-order problems.

Puri is one of India's largest pilgrimage shrines and remains crowded throughout the year. So if you plan to visit here in the near future; then make sure you book your rooms in advance from online travel portals to avoid unnecessary hassles.