Bali Villa Rental – Private to Bali in Bali Advantages of Choosing Villa

Honestly, there may be hotels expensive.

If you look at tourism in Bali travel statistics, we can see that many people travel in groups or in families of 4-6 people with average prices of anywhere they need at least 2-3 bedrooms. Between $ 100- $ 800 overnight, depending on your quality requirements.

Of course. This will give you a great pool, gym, social interaction, a smile on the front desk, concierge and luggage staff, room service, and a clean room where you can go back to the end of a favorable shopping and viewing day. beautiful Bali.

However, on the flip side. The pool is open and shared. The gym is used with difficulty. Social interaction consists of screaming children and tough teenagers. Smiles disappear 9 out of 10 times when they encounter any problems. Room service is inconvenient. Room Service & # 39; A knock on the door accompanied by a wake-up call on Sunday morning to watch the sunrise.

If you look at some of the Bali Villa options available, you will see that there is a huge price range. When comparing a private Bali Villa you will find it more often Room for room & # 39; Villa with comparable hotel will be cheaper.

Then there is the added advantage (depending on who you are with) Allows private Bali Villa luxurious and more personal, suitable living experience.

So if you make the right choice, you should expect the following:

1. The value of money

2. Private pool

3. Unregulated Confidentiality

4. The 24 hour smile and the site staff are great for expressing our reluctance to realize and fulfill your wishes.

5. Ideal for site employees who can leave the site as required

6. Room service according to your personal plans and time allocations

7. Solve any and all of your problems and sometimes shut down the owner if needed

8. Your own kitchen, free WIFI, more space for a fraction of the price with a real living space Away from home & # 39; setting

9. Drivers who make up your entire vacation, with travel packages, can be planned by the support staff from their private Bali Villa.

10. In the villa cook, which can be made or provided

The advantages are obvious.

But with Bali villa rental options and the rapidly expanding Bali Villa market, there are a few things you can do to meet these requirements.

Where will you stay?

Bali is 5632.859863 sq km, or 115 km x 112 km. Although relatively small, the options for staying in Bali are very different.

Here I will cover some of the more popular choices.


Kuta is Bali's busiest tourist destination. With nightclubs, bars, Internet-based shopping, high-rise hotels, dirty beaches, overcrowded roads and heavy traffic. left its mark.

Although it is an interesting place to stay, Villa rental options are as quiet or private as some other parts of Bali. will not be. Fortunately, the advantage of the small size of Bali is that Kuta only spends about 10 to 15 minutes scooter to feed a great night's hunger when needed.


– Clubbing, bar, nightspot

– Shopping (Internet stamps)

– Market shopping and haggling


– Lack of confidentiality and high silence

– Intensity of marketers

– Pollution

– Traffic


With art markets, dance shows, temples, strange villages and villagers, and several good dining options, Ubud is a very convenient place to do a lot. A good place to retire for a few days to gather your thoughts and reconcile with nature. Although, it is especially important if you are excited about the longer stay of the driver. The departure time from Ubud to Kuta or Seminyak is about 1.5 to 2 hours. Good choice if you just want to cool. Not so much if you are having a balance of relaxation and adventure or at least one or the other.


– Cultural

– Quiet

– Of course


– Travel times and distances

– Bali is a little more advanced than other areas

– Limited shopping

– Limited food


The atmosphere of Seminyak is more complex and basic than Kuta, and the beach is quieter and cleaner, especially. Seminyak is also a high-end spa and boutique shopping center in Bali. The fact that Bali has become so large in recent years is not even clearer than it is here. If you have the choice of renting a Seminyak Villa that is a little back off the main roads, you will only get absolute peace and tranquility with only a short walk to get you moving. Seminyak offers all shopping and restaurant options.


– He put it back

– Clean

– Shopping

– Restaurants

– Cafes

– Quiet / quiet and private


– May be more expensive

– Sometimes traffic

Of the three options adopted, the Seminyak Villa Rental would be ideal for privacy, shopping, dining, spa, excitement and comfort, and is still a short distance from Bali and Kuta.

How much will you budget?

How much you spend Away from home & # 39; Bali Villa depends on a number of factors but is not limited to it.

– Place

– Entries

– Bedroom

– Enterprises and services

– Villa quality

With a new monthly Villa rental in Bali's ever-expanding market, a little research will help you. Away from home & # 39; checks all the above boxes with a decent night rate.

What to look for


it is important to choose a place that fits your desired experience. So, start with this.


Reviews are a building block for any successful rental property and provide an idea that no photos or images will be provided. Take a look at the sequence you are reviewing and remember that one or two bad reviews, which are excellent reviews, should not take into account general business practice. If you have any concerns, send an email to the owner and measure how they will respond accordingly.


It is important to show what you are getting. Ask for more if needed. Look for photos that are honestly shot and have no airbrush or dislike Villa rental.


Tax included? Airport transfers? Breakfast? WiFi? Opportunities? Service? Portable cots? Fence in the pool?

This information should be included in the list of Bali Villas, always check it out and ask for something not listed.


How many employees are working hours, days off or not?


How many bathrooms? TV in the living area? The size of the kitchen? The size of the living space? The size of the pool? At the Villa catering? How many bathrooms? And so on. You can't ask some of these simple questions and wonder how many times people burn. Again, although most of this should be covered in the Villa rental list, be sure to ask if there is anything you need to confirm or something that is not covered.

Optional Supplements

Additional attachments are available

Best price

With the private Villa rental market being so competitive, there is nothing wrong with wanting a better price. Remember, you have a better chance at these intervals as Bali Villas generally pre-fill the months for busier seasons.

Owner details

There is no harm in asking where the owner is, for more quality assurance.


Looking at the condition and quality of a Bali Villas item would be a good sign of the condition and quality of the villa. Villa rentals away from home a good way to see if it suits you to create a more appropriate guest.

Pool size

2m x 2m will not fit into a family of 6 people

The size of the bed

A large, luxurious comfortable bed will be icing on the cake you will stay.

With that in mind, flipkey is a great place to check out sites like and tripadvisor and start comparing them to one of your next stay choices in Bali. available luxury private Villa rental options!

Or check out our Seminyak Villa Rental Options at and read our reviews and don't hesitate to ask any questions.

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