The guest source can develop the Hotel Website

It is difficult to develop content that appeals to all types of visitors. You need to understand what each visitor is looking for and solve their problems without turning your website into a 30-page thesis. What if you had the added advantage of developing content for your past and current guest hotel website in addition to trusted marketing content? How sweet would it be?

& # 39; The Guest Source Experience in Visiting Content from the Visitors in the Hospitality Industry. & # 39; Also known as public source or user-generated content.

An outstanding example of a travel user-generated content website is This website is built around a concept for travelers to help each other, share their experiences and plan their journey. From leisure travelers and back-to-back business travelers, all sorts of people who often plan this travel reference or advisory website. Depending on the type of reviews, comments and blogs sent by other travelers, they choose their destination and hotels.

The content that comes to your hotel website is also important because your content is trivial. They question whether the organization produces content. But not all is lost, a source of information that travelers rely on. Blogs and comments sent by friends are considered "impartial" and website visitors appreciate the content. So encourage your guests to write about their vacation experiences and place them online.

In fact, your hotel may already have information about sailors. So the first step you should take is searching and finding all the content that is relevant to your destination and most importantly your hotel. There are various places to find information – do a Google search to find blog posts and comments, search on twitter to find related topics for your hotel, look at YouTube for destination videos, and Flickr for photos. Please note that these are just some of the sites where you can find information. This is not a comprehensive list.

After compiling this information, you have two choices. First, you can create a blog to show your content producers and information. Always give credit because it will please your former guests and encourage them to book with you if they visit your destination again. Secondly, be active and include research, photos, travel blogs and more. You can create a guest section on the hotel website you publish. It gives future guests an idea of ​​what you expect.

Travelers can share their travel experiences, photos and more. Even if they want to write online, you shouldn't depend on it. Halfway up your presentation to create new guest-generated content. Unless it is an annual event, no one is interested in reading about a concert that took place ten years ago. Newly updated content will attract visitors and encourage them to make reservations immediately. The purpose of these activities is to have fresh and updated content.

Remember that this does not mean that you should stop producing content or protecting your hotel website. Simply choosing your hotel for past guests means that you can develop your website by taking a vivid picture of what future visitors expect.