Android Apps for your Tablet while traveling

Traveling is an integral part of our lives in today's world. The earth is no longer a barrier to our activities in the world. Technological advances in the field of mobile computing have further exacerbated this trend, as people are already using their smartphones and laptops to take advantage of the latest technical advantages. Google-operated Android tablets and mobile phones are the most popular among travelers, mainly because there are several applications that enhance the experience at Google play store. Here's a look at the best apps a traveler should always have on Android tablets:

a. TripAdvisor: This travel website has been around for a long time and is the leader in all tourism related services. TripAdvisor has a simple but effective design, and the content is optimized for mobile devices. It uses a GPS sensor to determine the current location and to provide information within and around the location. It is known worldwide for providing accurate and useful information about local hotels, restaurants and tour operators, so it is a must for your travels.

b. TripIt: This application is a USP that can integrate with existing services to automate many of your activities. You can scan via email and prepare a schedule for each future trip. In addition, it maintains a record of past travels, which is a great repository for travelers. While the main application is free, there are certain enhanced versions that users will keep. The latest feature known as the TripIt Team, allows you to manage travel information about a team you manage.

c. My Follows: Google has developed a simple, yet effective location-based tool that can be very useful when investigating an unknown city. This app can write geolocation and interpolate on Google Maps. Therefore, if you are exploring an unknown area and can't find a way to get back, this app will help you keep track of your journey. Interesting statistics are also provided, such as total distance, time spent and maximum speed during travel.

d. Google Maps: There are no alternatives when it comes to Google Maps to help you navigate and help you navigate unknown places. Google Maps offers voice guided commands to help users drive their cars.