So what does B and B do?

Bed and breakfasts are a common sight in most cities and villages, but only a few are able to provide high quality services. The problem is; How do we distinguish between good and evil? The internet is usually the first source of search for the places you want to stay, but having a lot of advertising sites can often be more of a headache than useful.

What to look for in a search? It is easy to be deceived by a hotel's web site, but they often do not even offer a closer inspection. Therefore, it is important to know what to look for. Below, I've written a few highlights that you might want to consider when looking for a place.

The first thing to look for is their capabilities. Are there any bus stops? Many B&Bs have to drive within a mile of a car park that is located on busy roads or city centers and does not want to pay your luggage an hour. Make sure that the site is also parked, or at least a suitable location for your car. You should know that in some places they will leave your car with them, so it's better to check in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Location is always important and some B&B companies are in the city center. or easy access It is better to check for yourself if they declare that they are on the spot. I stayed in a few places where local conditions were easy to get, but only to find that I needed a taxi to go anywhere. Google Maps is one of the best ways to avoid such situations.

Sometimes being too close to the center of a busy city can be a downside. The last thing a tired traveler needs is a sleepless night caused by local bars and clubs that are found just outside your window. Look away from the main roads in one city center. The streets are generally the best because they tend to be residents.

When checking in for hotel availability, ask what facilities are available. Is this a suite? If so, share how many rooms you have in the bathroom. I would suggest that there are more than three rooms that share a bathroom and that can cause long delays in the morning.

Tea and coffee making facilities are a must and even standard in a low-quality hotel or B&B, but don't take it for granted. Other services that I definitely consider are TVs, coats, tables and full-length mirrors. If all this isn't provided, I'll just look elsewhere.

Additional services such as Wi-fi are becoming increasingly important for modern day travelers. Most businesses charge a fee for using Internet services, and although this is acceptable, there are good places to offer it for free.

One of the often overlooked hotels and B&B areas is the fact that rooms are indoors. Stairs can be problematic for some people, but even a healthy and fit young man will not want to climb up the five steps when he goes to his room. If an elevator is ordered, check that there is a lift.

One bed and breakfast ratio means different things to different businesses. Personally, I think that bed and breakfast should include a fully cooked breakfast (with vegetarian alternatives), but some only offer a continental menu. Unfortunately, if you haven't been to the facility before, it's hard to predict what the quality of a breakfast will be. Probably the best way to avoid the worst places is to check online research, is one of the best.

Finally, it is no secret that today the economy has forced many of us to be a little more economical with our spending. However, this does not mean that less expenses for living should reflect the quality of the service you receive. It is quite possible to get all of the above for £ 50 per person per night.


Hotels, Browse the Best Internet – Ten Easy Tips

1. Don't underestimate the importance of online reputation management

We know that modern travelers rely on the opinions of other travelers before booking any hotel. In addition, as more and more travelers begin to rely on online reviews, a positive online reputation is essential to the success of the hotel business as it becomes an important part of travel planning and protection.

2. Develop a customer-friendly environment in your hotel

The most important direction of online reputation management is in your hotel itself. So you have to make sure that no stone is burned to provide the best experience for your guests. This will to some extent provide a positive feedback from the guests.

Train and empower your employees to exceed guest expectations, work with any bad practices on the ground, and prevent property complaints from escalating to online complaints. Set up a social media policy and policy for your hotel staff to ensure that your employees behave with visitors, both online and in person. Your employees should be well aware of the risks and consequences of mistreating guests.

3. Share your goals and strategy with your team publicly

Focus on what reputation you want to create for your property. You want your hotel to be recognized and wanted, so that guests can talk about your hotel after leaving. Plan and work to achieve this goal. Analyze your hotel rankings and reviews on major websites, and identify the pros and cons of what your visitors write about you and then work from there. Make a strategy for how you will respond to your goals.

4. Reputation Management is the responsibility of a team

Share your goals, vision, and strategies related to your fame with all of your hotel staff and ensure that your team understands the contributions, roles, and responsibilities in achieving these goals.

5. Optimize and own your web presence

Make your profile online. Claim and update your profiles on major browsing sites like TripAdvisor, Google Business, Yelp and Online Travel Agencies. Add images, pictures and contact details and ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

6. Analyze guest reviews

Carefully analyze your guest reviews and look for any examples that need special attention. Pay attention to identifying the key differentiators or key strengths that consumers are talking about and push them up to your competitors' level to directly influence reservation. Additional feedback from guest reviews with 360-degree Guest Satisfaction Account and Net Promoter Account.

7. Hold regular meetings with your on-site staff and then plan your next work

Communicate with your customer related employees, get feedback and use them as a productive learning concept to improve your service. Take the necessary steps to eliminate problems and prevent recurring complaints. This will help build a steady stream of positive feedback.

8. Encourage and reward your employees

Developing a strategy alone is not enough, you need to work on it and make regular updates about how your goals are going. Encourage and reward your hotel staff to achieve their stated goals. There are ORM tools that help you set and track your team's goals. Recognize and reward their efforts.

9. Select and prioritize to respond to guest reviews

Responding to guest reviews confirms that you are interested in what consumers have to say about you. In addition, this is an opportunity to show your other guests that you care about your guest feedback. It also gives your guests the comfort of being ready to take action to change the wrong impressions about your hotel and not to create unpleasant experiences for your hotel guests.

However, you can't respond to all feedback, so prioritize and select comments that require apologies, comments, or gratitude. However, please ensure that the guest is informed about any action you are taking to resolve the problem you are facing. In addition, in the worst case, offer guests a discount or discount on subsequent reservations.

10. Select the right Online Reputation Management Tools

Social media and online reputation management are in real time. It is practically impossible to keep pace with the pace in such a digital space. To avoid missing out, use an advanced ORM tool to collect a single image and guest reviews from more than 120 sites. A modern reputation management tool will help you automate this process and at the same time be a cakewalk.

Take these simple steps into your day-to-day processes and culture of your hotel and you will see the level of guest satisfaction and direct orders increase; Provides long-term success for your hotel.


Bali Villa Rental – Private to Bali in Bali Advantages of Choosing Villa

Honestly, there may be hotels expensive.

If you look at tourism in Bali travel statistics, we can see that many people travel in groups or in families of 4-6 people with average prices of anywhere they need at least 2-3 bedrooms. Between $ 100- $ 800 overnight, depending on your quality requirements.

Of course. This will give you a great pool, gym, social interaction, a smile on the front desk, concierge and luggage staff, room service, and a clean room where you can go back to the end of a favorable shopping and viewing day. beautiful Bali.

However, on the flip side. The pool is open and shared. The gym is used with difficulty. Social interaction consists of screaming children and tough teenagers. Smiles disappear 9 out of 10 times when they encounter any problems. Room service is inconvenient. Room Service & # 39; A knock on the door accompanied by a wake-up call on Sunday morning to watch the sunrise.

If you look at some of the Bali Villa options available, you will see that there is a huge price range. When comparing a private Bali Villa you will find it more often Room for room & # 39; Villa with comparable hotel will be cheaper.

Then there is the added advantage (depending on who you are with) Allows private Bali Villa luxurious and more personal, suitable living experience.

So if you make the right choice, you should expect the following:

1. The value of money

2. Private pool

3. Unregulated Confidentiality

4. The 24 hour smile and the site staff are great for expressing our reluctance to realize and fulfill your wishes.

5. Ideal for site employees who can leave the site as required

6. Room service according to your personal plans and time allocations

7. Solve any and all of your problems and sometimes shut down the owner if needed

8. Your own kitchen, free WIFI, more space for a fraction of the price with a real living space Away from home & # 39; setting

9. Drivers who make up your entire vacation, with travel packages, can be planned by the support staff from their private Bali Villa.

10. In the villa cook, which can be made or provided

The advantages are obvious.

But with Bali villa rental options and the rapidly expanding Bali Villa market, there are a few things you can do to meet these requirements.

Where will you stay?

Bali is 5632.859863 sq km, or 115 km x 112 km. Although relatively small, the options for staying in Bali are very different.

Here I will cover some of the more popular choices.


Kuta is Bali's busiest tourist destination. With nightclubs, bars, Internet-based shopping, high-rise hotels, dirty beaches, overcrowded roads and heavy traffic. left its mark.

Although it is an interesting place to stay, Villa rental options are as quiet or private as some other parts of Bali. will not be. Fortunately, the advantage of the small size of Bali is that Kuta only spends about 10 to 15 minutes scooter to feed a great night's hunger when needed.


– Clubbing, bar, nightspot

– Shopping (Internet stamps)

– Market shopping and haggling


– Lack of confidentiality and high silence

– Intensity of marketers

– Pollution

– Traffic


With art markets, dance shows, temples, strange villages and villagers, and several good dining options, Ubud is a very convenient place to do a lot. A good place to retire for a few days to gather your thoughts and reconcile with nature. Although, it is especially important if you are excited about the longer stay of the driver. The departure time from Ubud to Kuta or Seminyak is about 1.5 to 2 hours. Good choice if you just want to cool. Not so much if you are having a balance of relaxation and adventure or at least one or the other.


– Cultural

– Quiet

– Of course


– Travel times and distances

– Bali is a little more advanced than other areas

– Limited shopping

– Limited food


The atmosphere of Seminyak is more complex and basic than Kuta, and the beach is quieter and cleaner, especially. Seminyak is also a high-end spa and boutique shopping center in Bali. The fact that Bali has become so large in recent years is not even clearer than it is here. If you have the choice of renting a Seminyak Villa that is a little back off the main roads, you will only get absolute peace and tranquility with only a short walk to get you moving. Seminyak offers all shopping and restaurant options.


– He put it back

– Clean

– Shopping

– Restaurants

– Cafes

– Quiet / quiet and private


– May be more expensive

– Sometimes traffic

Of the three options adopted, the Seminyak Villa Rental would be ideal for privacy, shopping, dining, spa, excitement and comfort, and is still a short distance from Bali and Kuta.

How much will you budget?

How much you spend Away from home & # 39; Bali Villa depends on a number of factors but is not limited to it.

– Place

– Entries

– Bedroom

– Enterprises and services

– Villa quality

With a new monthly Villa rental in Bali's ever-expanding market, a little research will help you. Away from home & # 39; checks all the above boxes with a decent night rate.

What to look for


it is important to choose a place that fits your desired experience. So, start with this.


Reviews are a building block for any successful rental property and provide an idea that no photos or images will be provided. Take a look at the sequence you are reviewing and remember that one or two bad reviews, which are excellent reviews, should not take into account general business practice. If you have any concerns, send an email to the owner and measure how they will respond accordingly.


It is important to show what you are getting. Ask for more if needed. Look for photos that are honestly shot and have no airbrush or dislike Villa rental.


Tax included? Airport transfers? Breakfast? WiFi? Opportunities? Service? Portable cots? Fence in the pool?

This information should be included in the list of Bali Villas, always check it out and ask for something not listed.


How many employees are working hours, days off or not?


How many bathrooms? TV in the living area? The size of the kitchen? The size of the living space? The size of the pool? At the Villa catering? How many bathrooms? And so on. You can't ask some of these simple questions and wonder how many times people burn. Again, although most of this should be covered in the Villa rental list, be sure to ask if there is anything you need to confirm or something that is not covered.

Optional Supplements

Additional attachments are available

Best price

With the private Villa rental market being so competitive, there is nothing wrong with wanting a better price. Remember, you have a better chance at these intervals as Bali Villas generally pre-fill the months for busier seasons.

Owner details

There is no harm in asking where the owner is, for more quality assurance.


Looking at the condition and quality of a Bali Villas item would be a good sign of the condition and quality of the villa. Villa rentals away from home a good way to see if it suits you to create a more appropriate guest.

Pool size

2m x 2m will not fit into a family of 6 people

The size of the bed

A large, luxurious comfortable bed will be icing on the cake you will stay.

With that in mind, flipkey is a great place to check out sites like and tripadvisor and start comparing them to one of your next stay choices in Bali. available luxury private Villa rental options!

Or check out our Seminyak Villa Rental Options at and read our reviews and don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Don't forget to collect the best swim pairs and enjoy the beautiful Bali.


Puri's Top 10 Hotels – As Customers Vote (2015)

Are you planning to visit Puri soon? Get the best deals by selecting a good hotel in advance.

To make a good choice, you have to go through a few review-based sites, collect feedback from past visitors, compare them and finally get results.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 hotels in Puri, selected by our customers for 2015. Below is a list of the top 10 hotels that understand the advantages and disadvantages of Puri. Most of these Puri hotels can be booked online through all major travel portals such as Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip.

Z Hotel

Z Hotel is one of the top hotels in Purin. A well-known budget category hotel is located on the Chakratirtha Road, making it close to the Jagannath Temple and the beach. There are beautiful and well-equipped rooms with prices starting from Rs. 1500 and overnight.

The main reason for its popularity is that the city of Puri is located far away from the noise, that is, in a quiet place. Tired travelers also have great service and religious cleanliness. are attracted to the hospitality staff. Despite the many advantages, ex-guests still mentioned that they needed to improve their clean environment like mattresses and that they had to deal with pest problems.

Victoria Club Hotel

Victoria Club Hotel is located near the Puri seaside and is one of the few key features that customers love. It is a beautiful and inexpensive hotel with rooms costing Rs. Perfect for travelers with over 700 budgets per night.

According to former customers, the cleanliness and service of the hotel was his highest priority. A key factor that even a customer can make in choosing a cleaner is as noted. The only vacant space in this popular hotel is the deteriorating condition of room repairs and the careless behavior of home workers.

Coco Palms Puri

This is one of the best 3 star luxury hotels in Puri, located near Swargadwar beach. The hotel has several amazing facilities, though your stay here will be over Rs. 4414 in each room.

This is one of the "luxury hotels near the big beach" that customers are constantly looking for. The service and environment here is the best place to confirm this in the comments of several guests. However, the property does not share its problems. The guests noted that one of the disadvantages of the hotel is that there is no need for proper household and maintenance. Some even mentioned that it was too expensive and not a great value for the hotel in Puri.

Mayfair Heritage

Mayfair Heritage, & # 39; Luxury Hotel near the Beach & # 39; one of the types. It is a 4-star property in Puri and its location is Chakratirtha Road. The price for one night room is Rs. 8402

The hotel's nearest beach and easy access to key locations such as the train station makes it a good place to stay. In addition, the guests highly appreciated its service standards and environment. The hotel also offers individual cottages that are a great hit again between couples.

The only dispute of a few old clients is that the property is expensive. availability and excessive prices and a number of technical problems noted by customers.

Hotel Holiday Resort

Hotel Holiday Resort is one of the best mid-budget hotels in Puri, which costs up to Rs. 2491 per room. The hotel is located on the opposite side of the Puri seaside and makes it one of the "warmest features" in Puri. Guests have made the place and prices of the hotel in Puri a great "value for money." Also the restaurant has a special highlight for high quality dining. On the flexible side, there are several guest rooms that are small and below the expectations. will be

Ananya Resorts

Annanya Resorts is located on the VIP road, in the Puri area and is another popular mid-budget hotel with room prices of Rs. 2863. The hotel was praised by its former customers for its great cuisine and cleanliness, which amazes many enthusiasts. The hotel believes that the hotel is worth a lot of money in Puri. The only complaints to visitors are slow room service and no place near the main temple or the beach.

Stone Sands

Located on the Puri-Konark Sea Drive, Toshali Sands is one of the most luxurious resorts in the area. Prices starting from Rs. 2987, the resort promises a wonderful experience with private beach and environments. Guests appreciated his service standards and awesome rooms, but said he was located 8km from Puri. Older clients also value it for money. noted that the hotel was not in need and needed repair in some areas.

Lee Garden Hotel

Lee Garden Hotel is a popular budget hotel located in Puri, on the VIP road. The hotel has beautiful rooms that will cost you up to Rs. 1182 nights to stay. Older guests, well trained & # 39; service staff praised the food in Chungwa (an in-house restaurant) for being a budget-friendly hotel with all the necessary amenities. The beach is almost 3.5 km away and the Jagannath Temple is the only stroke as it is 1 km away.

Puri Gold Sands

Puri Golden Sands Hotel is located in Baliapan, Puri and is a popular mid-size hotel. Room prices start at Rs. There are 2614 and well-appointed rooms. The hotel was praised for its great service and was praised for its special praise by former customers. Customers who think that a balanced deal has been reached in Puri have praised it for its value as a resort.

Located approximately 9 km from the main beach in Puri, the hotel's biggest drawback is its location. On the flipside, there is a secluded beach opposite the property. Customers also noted that his rooms needed repairs.

Hotel Gandhara

Hotel Gandhara is a beautiful 2 star mid-budget hotel in Puri located on Chakratirtha Road. The hotel has beautiful rooms with costs starting from Rs. Night 3170. The guests praised her for her cleanliness and the exact opposite of the main beach. Although this is another hotel with "value for money", former guests also want to highlight their shortcomings and pre-order problems.

Puri is one of India's largest pilgrimage shrines and remains crowded throughout the year. So if you plan to visit here in the near future; then make sure you book your rooms in advance from online travel portals to avoid unnecessary hassles.


Comments: How to Avoid "Nightmare" London Hotels


Hotel Wailea – A look at Maui's Stunning Boutique Resort

This is exactly what most of Maui's coastal hotel hotels, known as Honolulu counterparts, are. Cheap pools, crowded lifts and tourist troops. This spring vacation may seem like a paradise for college-aged travelers, but there is a better option for those looking for a more relaxed and thoughtful Hawaiian experience. Couples around the world have discovered a convenient alternative to the noisy beach area: Hotel Wailea, Maui's only luxury boutique hotel.

Travelers say a lot about Hotel Wailea, which earns 4.5 / 5 points on TripAdvisor and ranks third among Wailea, Maui hotels. We'll cover some of the points below and give you some tips on how you can be the best guest.

Overview of Hotel Basics

Unlike many hotels on the beach, Wailea Hotel is not a big building. Instead it is a hidden enclave of two-story villas spread over rolling hills of 15 hectares. The property is well-designed and has a lot of praise because of its beautiful scenery. In fact, guests spend their first minutes simply exploring the property, admiring the quiet gardens, cozy springs and koi ponds. The architecture was inspired by a Zen Japanese twist from Frank Zloyd Wright.

The hills are great for taking photos of the ocean, but remember that you can take a little stroll to get into your room. Walking is not unreasonable, but it will take more effort than the nice flat-outness you get in a regular hotel room. Tip: Ask for a room near the lobby or parking lot so you don't walk around.

The bottom line of the great order is that you feel like you have it everywhere. Many guests noted that they saw very few people in their surroundings except for the common areas. There is no element of tourist or chaos that you can definitely find in larger hotels along the beach.


The property has only 72 bedrooms. Two-storey villas with suites are located above and two on the first floor. Rarely do you have any noise complaints, so the suits seem to be well insulated. Tip: The upper floors have the best ocean views and room numbers ending in 3 or 4. Suites are generally sold according to the type of look they have and offer guests a panoramic ocean view.

The first thing tourists notice about rooms is that their breadth is clear even from the pictures you find online. Each set includes a kitchen area with a cooktop, refrigerator and sink. Tip: If you are planning to cook meals in your room, ask for pre-set dishes. Very little pots and pans do not work in the room. You may also want to microwave.

In terms of furniture, there are two dining tables, a family room with a sofa, a coffee table and an LCD TV. Each suite has private, spacious lanai (patio) lounge chairs overlooking the ocean.

In old reviews, travelers complained of room wear. In response, the hotel management has taken great steps to bring up the rooms with new carpets, furniture, luxury linen and new beds.

Most rooms have a king size bed, but few have double beds. The master bathroom has a large heater tub and walk-in shower, which are separate and not separate – perfect for couples but not suitable for friends and family. Again, some bathrooms may use some updates, but most guests do not see this as a problem.

Some suites are near the koi pond and they get mixed reviews. Some travelers like to feed fish from their patio every morning. However, pond water can attract mosquitoes, especially during dawn. Therefore, avoid mosquito repellents if you have mosquitoes.


The amenities of the hotel show more interest in couples than families with children, and most guests appreciate the relative absence of children on the property. One of the best conditions is the local Japanese style spa (Spa Wailea), which gives guests free access. The guests absolutely love the beds that you can enjoy in Japanese art office or "spa bath." There is also a hot bath and dry sauna.

The pool is smaller compared to what you would find in larger hotels, but guests say it makes the reception closer and more comfortable. There are several full-size beds and a beach chair along with a pool bar that sells drinks for hours around the pool area. Most people are pleased with the fitness center located in a beautiful room open to the sea, but heavy-duty gym athletes may be disappointed. The equipment is not extensive – there is a road, elliptical, stationary bike and Bowlflex. As of May 12th, there is no complete set of dumbbells.

The hotel has a free service (Cadillac Escalade), which the guests quickly tell when they want to go down to the Wailea beach. The hotel in Grand Wailea has a private beach with beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and bottled water (paid for by the resort). You can refill your account while you stay at Grand Wailea, don't worry about having lunch or ordering a cocktail and cashing out to the beach.

All of these amenities cost a lot – $ 25 a day, a mandatory rest. But don't let this scare you; the guests insist that it is well spent.


Please note that the Wailea Hotel is not a beach and is generally isolated. According to Google Maps, 1.4 miles (~ 26 min) is just under the beach and under a slope, so if you're not a brave hiker you really want to use the free service. The service will take you to the beach, including the Wailea Blue Golf Course and to another location in Wailea.


There is a famous restaurant called Capische offering delicious Italian dishes everywhere. The restaurant has won a number of awards, including the Zagat 5-Star Award for being the best Italian restaurant in Hawaii. But the prices are very steep. The dining menu is found on the hotel's website.

There is a free continental breakfast every morning. Guests talked about locally made bananas and lilokoi bread and fresh guava juice. Your other dining options are Wailea. Wailea stores have a general store that sells freshly made food, such as Bento straw.


Travelers consistently rate the service as a high level. Home cleaning does a great job as there are hundreds of sets to clean. The girls try not to get out of the room because they are not worried. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. One traveler was on an unhealthy diet and was told that if he had informed the staff before his arrival, he would have been able to give himself breakfast. Therefore, when booking, be sure to check for any allergies and dietary restrictions. In general, the delegation looks more friendly than the main chain hotels.


The Wailea Hotel is perfect for couples looking for a relaxing Hawaii vacation in the spacious beach hotels. Rooms are spacious, but some updates may be needed. The property itself is sprawling and offers scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. Rates range between $ 250 and $ 39 per night during the summer, which is great considering the large hotels in the area can easily cost twice or more. If you make a direct booking at least 90 days in advance, the price drops to around $ 170 per night, which is an incredible value for the area again.


Cebu City Philippines – How to choose the right budget hotel

Cebu City is one of the fastest growing business centers in the Philippines. Local and foreign citizens travel by plane to attend business meetings and other similar events. Tourists come here to enjoy many beaches and other attractions.

It is not always wise to spend so much money, even if the city lacks 5 star hotels. Most businessmen and groomers don't stay in budget hotels. So they will be able to save money.

Fortunately, there are many such hotels in Cebu. Some might say there are really many hotels in the city. Practically you will find one in every corner of the street. Many hotels in Cebu are also run by people who have no experience in the hotel management industry. Therefore, extra care must be taken when choosing the right hotel.

So, how do you choose the right budget hotel to stay? Here are some helpful tips:

The first thing you need to do is to set your expectations. How much are you willing to pay? What conditions and opportunities do you need? Need to stay in a hotel with an Internet connection? These questions and more need to be addressed first.

Once you've found the perfect hotel picture in your mind, you should start looking for it. The best source for information is the Internet. Explore hotel descriptions and reviews such as Agoda and Tripadvisor.

Please note that customer reviews are more valuable than comments on the hotel's website. However, you should take into account all feedback, not just what you see first. If most of the reviews are positive, you can be sure of the quality of the hotel.

Another thing to consider is the location of the hotel. Many foreigners order hotels only to find out if they are in the mountains or on the beach. For businessmen, it would be best to order a hotel in downtown Cebu.

In addition to the above four tips, you need to make sure that the budget you book is licensed to operate. This means that the hotel needs a work permit from the Mayor of Cebu and the Cebu City Tourism Commission.

Here are the key things to find in Cebu budget hotels. If your taxi driver does not know the hotel you booked, be sure to include the hotel's name, address and contact information.

Have fun on your next trip to Cebu, Philippines!


Best days to book and travel by air

Have you ever thought about the best time to buy air tickets and what days are the most economical to travel? Knowing the answers to these questions can save you money and valuable time.

The best time to book a ticket

Many travelers are unaware that the best time to buy a ticket is when they announce airlines' sales. It happens on Tuesdays of the week, which is the best day to order. To be more specific, synchronize your clock if you are thinking of getting an excellent fare at 3:00 pm Eastern Time!

Best time frame for shopping

It is not a good idea to postpone shopping or booking a trip. Many passengers mistakenly think that tariffs will drop if they wait. This is not the case, and as a result, individuals end up spending more than they are trading.

Whether you travel internationally or internationally, you need to keep in mind when you are hoping for the best ticket prices here.

> Domestic Rates (US): Get within three to 30 days before departure.

International fares: Get between 5-1 / 2 months and 1-1 / 2 months on departure.

Cheapest days and times to fly

There are not a lot of strategies for dealing with people here, because common sense is explained by the law of supply and demand. A good rule of thumb is that less comfortable travel, such as school and work schedules, is more likely to cost less.

So, when it comes to day and day time of the week, this is a general rule for cheap flights:

> Days: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

> Times: People are generally red-eyed and do not want to fly at night, such as breakfast and dinner.

Most expensive days to fly

Of course, Fridays and Sundays are generally the most favorable days for most vacationers.

Excellent tricks when booking a ticket

Here's a little helpful advice. When booking a ticket and book a passenger once. The reason is to find the cheapest flight when searching for one of the airline systems. If you have multiple entries and the inventory shows one ticket at the same rate and many at a higher rate, the system will charge a higher fare when searching more than one ticket.

Another recommendation to find the best ticket is to use Price Alerts with online booking services such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and FareCompare, as they will send you an email when rates drop.

Here are economic trips!


You should know the tips for safe travel

Before leaving

1. Check what vaccines you may need for up to 6 months.

2. Save your photocopy passport and, if possible, a copy to your email account.

3. Take the latest photos of your children, so that when you leave them, it's easier to get to know them.

4. Get the phone number and address for your embassy in your country.

5. Provide contact information to anyone at home.

6. Get a comprehensive travel insurance policy. If you have existing conditions, make sure they are not excluded. Some travel insurance policies exclude acts of terrorism, so be sure!

7. Do not purchase insurance directly from your agent or airline. These are often overvalued and you can get the same protection for a fraction of the price by shopping around.

8. Check the weather patterns for your travel time and plan for it. Pack appropriate clothes.

9. Before you leave, pack the essentials (sun creams, repellents, medications, etc.) so that it can be difficult to get where you are.

10. Check your tripadvisor for information on your destination. The forum can provide many useful tips and tricks.

11. Get acquainted with the government of your country on travel recommendations to the country you are visiting.

12. When looking at the map, draw a compass to find out which direction it is to go.

13. If you have a noisy hotel room, remove ear plugs.

14. Pull a torch.

15. If you are getting a mobile phone, make sure your operator is unlocked to work abroad. Contact them to check out.

16. If you have been abroad for a while, check to get a local SIM card for your phone. This can make calls cheaper. Make sure your phone is locked to receive another operator's SIM cards.

17. Get the basic first aid kit.

18. Buy a personalized alarm alarm.

19. Take an extra pair of glasses.

20. Take a copy of the prescription with you if you take the medicine. Make sure it is legal to bring your prescription drugs into the country.

21. Before you go on your vacation (holiday appointment) scams & # 39; Do a Google search on it.

22. Before leaving, note the location of your room. This should be often given to customs officials.

23. Before your flight, pack your essentials in your closet. It will be useful if your luggage is not lost.

24. Do not put your home address on luggage labeling, as this may compromise security. Instead, use your friends and business addresses.

25. Stack your bags and do not leave them unattended.

Your goal

26. Do not approach animals because they can become infected.

27. Beware of people approaching you. Don't lower your guard!

28. Do not disclose confidential information to anyone.

29. Do not drink wine from strangers. If someone insists on taking one of you, go with them and look at it!

30. Beware of strangers approaching you. May be scams!

31. Avoid your pocket. These people often work in pairs and start a conversation with you or create some kind of trouble.

32. Respect local customs. Check what is appropriate behavior and act accordingly.

33. Respect local dress codes, especially in Islamic countries.

34. Try to dress like a local. This will pull you less than the target for hustlers / thieves and make your vacation more enjoyable.

35. Do not keep the values ​​on the screen as this may be the target of thieves. If possible, place any unnecessary value in the home.

36. Avoid public protests as they can be dangerous.

37. If something feels potentially dangerous, be careful.

38. When you go to a beach, make sure that the swim is safe. If in doubt, do not enter the water.

39. Do not take photographs of soldiers or equipment. It can accuse you of being a spy and be tried!

40. Be careful when using a taxi. If possible, use only taxis from registered firms. If the taxi is not being measured, agree on a price before entering.

41. Get a dictionary and a map for your destination.

42. Give your children a card with your name, hotel and contact information.

43. Always hold your hand or wrap it around your waistband.

44. If you do not get back into conflict, it is better to lose some of your values ​​- this is your life!

45. If you wish to direct, ask only authorized persons (eg Police).

46. ​​Avoid walking and traveling at night.

47. In hotels, pay attention to emergency departure procedures. If you can't find them, ask them, if not … leave!

48. If someone comes to you and claims to be in charge, ask for a valid ID. It is not known if the scams look like cops!

49. Beware of anyone claiming to be a tour guide. If you need a guide, find yourself.


50. Contact your credit card companies before you travel. Blocking your card while abroad is a problem!

51. Keep one copy of your credit card number with one you can rely on at home. In the event of injury, it can be easily eliminated.

52. Keep your credit card companies' phone numbers on your mobile phone and it will be easy to contact them if you lose.

53. Get some of the directions you want at home. If you do not have an ATM, it will make things easier when you reach your destination.

54. When you get home, make some local currency. This is useful for airport shops and taxis.

55. Take a small amount of cash and at least two credit cards.

56. Keep your credit cards separate.

57. Take only one card when leaving the hotel … keep the others safe at the hotel. Make sure it is secure.

58. Take only as much money as you need each day.

59. There is a wallet with a small amount of cash in it. Useful if you are encountering a muger.

60. Be prepared to give a small change of advice.

Food and beverage

61. Check if drinking water is safe. If not, get bottled water at the destination. Make sure the stamp is not broken.

62. If water is dangerous, make sure there is no ice inside.

63. If you cannot get bottled water, buy water purifying tablets.

64. Avoid hot foods, the bacteria can develop for it!

65. Avoid unripe fruits and vegetables until you peel them.

66. Avoid foods that are exposed to mosquitoes.

Driving Abroad

67. If you are driving, do a research on road customs, trunk codes and conditions.

68. Check if your existing driving license is accepted.

69. Check the condition of the vehicle before renting. Take care of any bumps and scraps in your rental company and make sure you record them so that you will not be charged for damages.

70. Avoiding collision damage when assembling a car is a prerequisite. Try to get it from a third party (not a rental company) so that you can make a great save.

Before coming home

71. Make sure you are allowed to import. Bringing home unauthorized items can result in harassment and fines.

I hope you will find a useful guide to what you need to consider before you travel. Of course, the list is not exhaustive and there are things you can do. If so, I encourage you to join in and comment on this comment below.


The guest source can develop the Hotel Website

It is difficult to develop content that appeals to all types of visitors. You need to understand what each visitor is looking for and solve their problems without turning your website into a 30-page thesis. What if you had the added advantage of developing content for your past and current guest hotel website in addition to trusted marketing content? How sweet would it be?

& # 39; The Guest Source Experience in Visiting Content from the Visitors in the Hospitality Industry. & # 39; Also known as public source or user-generated content.

An outstanding example of a travel user-generated content website is This website is built around a concept for travelers to help each other, share their experiences and plan their journey. From leisure travelers and back-to-back business travelers, all sorts of people who often plan this travel reference or advisory website. Depending on the type of reviews, comments and blogs sent by other travelers, they choose their destination and hotels.

The content that comes to your hotel website is also important because your content is trivial. They question whether the organization produces content. But not all is lost, a source of information that travelers rely on. Blogs and comments sent by friends are considered "impartial" and website visitors appreciate the content. So encourage your guests to write about their vacation experiences and place them online.

In fact, your hotel may already have information about sailors. So the first step you should take is searching and finding all the content that is relevant to your destination and most importantly your hotel. There are various places to find information – do a Google search to find blog posts and comments, search on twitter to find related topics for your hotel, look at YouTube for destination videos, and Flickr for photos. Please note that these are just some of the sites where you can find information. This is not a comprehensive list.

After compiling this information, you have two choices. First, you can create a blog to show your content producers and information. Always give credit because it will please your former guests and encourage them to book with you if they visit your destination again. Secondly, be active and include research, photos, travel blogs and more. You can create a guest section on the hotel website you publish. It gives future guests an idea of ​​what you expect.

Travelers can share their travel experiences, photos and more. Even if they want to write online, you shouldn't depend on it. Halfway up your presentation to create new guest-generated content. Unless it is an annual event, no one is interested in reading about a concert that took place ten years ago. Newly updated content will attract visitors and encourage them to make reservations immediately. The purpose of these activities is to have fresh and updated content.

Remember that this does not mean that you should stop producing content or protecting your hotel website. Simply choosing your hotel for past guests means that you can develop your website by taking a vivid picture of what future visitors expect.